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CONGRATULATIONS on being a finalist for Dance Filthy Canada Pro, Semi Pro & Amateur 2024! It is important that you follow the steps below in the lead up to Dance Filthy to ensure a safe and fair and well organized competition. For any questions, please email or feel free to post questions in the Dance Filthy competitor Whatsapp Group.
STEPS 1 - 8 

Email 1-2 promo photos of

yourself to


Join the competitor whatsapp group for instant updates and discussions:


Submit your song. 

Song preference will go to those who enter their song in first to the spreadsheet


Share your promo poster on social media and encourage friends and family to buy tickets. Tag us @dancefilthy.canada


Please ensure you have read the rules, regulations & criteria. 
You are not required to send back a signed copy, however on the day - competitiors & human props MUST be required to sign these guidelines upon arrival. 


The Judging Criteria can be viewed at any time HERE. We recommend reading these criteria before, during and after creating your performance. It is the same criteria the judges will be scoring from on the night.


You will receive 1 complimentary ticket to give to someone else.

All human props MUST have a ticket or can use your 1 complimentary ticket;


Stage Specs

STEPS 9 - 15 

Fill In your music cue details and starting positions on this spreadsheet.


Props and mess sheet. Fill in this sheet to help our stage hands prepare and clean after your show. Please upload to google drive, link in facebook group.


Pole configuration and grip. Let us know how you would like your poles set up and gripped. Please upload to google drive, link in facebook group.


We require some information from you for our MC to read out on the night while we clean and prepare your stage.Please upload to google drive, link in facebook group.


*Please ensure that you fill in every square required. Failure to fully complete any of the above spreadsheets will result in disqualification or penalties. 


Please upload your music to the google drive, Link in Facebook Group.

Music must be between 3 - 4 mins. Music over 4min will be penalised.


Ensure you have followed each of the above steps. Go back and check that you have fully completed each step.


On the day details:

Find a copy of the rehearsals and run sheet here:


*Don't forget to re name your music to have your stage name 


Please ensure you adhere to the deadline dates if there are any. It is important that our team has this information to ensure we can run our show efficiently and help make your show as amazing as you envision it. 
Please help our staff by being as on time as you can. You are welcome (and encouraged) to send in these things earlier than the deadline.


This event will be captured by a professional photographer & videographer. After the event photos will be shared on their social media channel however this can take a few weeks, please be patient. For more photos or for higher quality pictures, you will be able to contact the photographer to purchase.

Videos may be loaded on our social media channels. Please note that as per the rules, you may not post a full routine online until we have released our official videos. Do you show and hard work justice by showing off your sexy skills with a proper video.

The sooner you are able to provide us with all the information for your show, the sooner we are able to double check all your performance details and make sure the show runs as smooth as possible. Make sure you have completed the following items:

- Music Cues

- Upload Music​ to Google drive or email

- Sent in photos for poster
- Pole Configuration and pole grip sheet
- Props and Mess Info sheet
- MC information sheet

- Read Competitor Rules and Waiver

- Read Judging Criteria

- Read Stage specs

- Read run sheet & Rehearsal sheet (coming soon!)

After the event you are welcome to email us for your feedback. Please allow a few days for us to send it to you.



Human props are allowed in your show at Dance Filthy. Human props MUST have a ticket to Dance Filthy Semi Pro & Pro 2023 or they wont be allowed in the venue. Human Props must sign in with our staff during rehearsals.  Please keep in mind that we have a lot of competitors, therefore your human props cannot stay backstage with you the whole night. They will be allowed backstage at the beginning to prepare and must return to their seats after your performance.


All props and mess must be approved. Please fill in your props and mess in the competitor performance info sheet. If you have a messy or liquid prop that will require clean up, you MUST send the information to us for approval ASAP. Any liquid or overly messy props will require you to use a plastic sheet which our staging team can tape to the ground. (You can buy these pretty cheap in Bunnings). You are also be required to bring additional towels or clean up utensils pending on your mess. 

Please Note: The mess you make is fine as long as it can be cleaned/removed by two of our staff members within a minute. If it will take longer you might get penalised. Use of oil and anything that might affect other performances is strictly prohibited. Glitter is prohibited, please use large confetti instead.

Black drop sheets may be purchased from the organisers for an extra $10. Please email us to organise if you wish for us to provide.


These will be posted into the Facebook group and google drive closer to the event. Please note that these times are subject to change and should be used as a guide.


Hair and make up is to be organised by you, you may use whatever artists you choose.. Artists are allowed to enter the venue prior to the show but must leave before the show starts unless they have a ticket.

Please don’t forget that ALL your performance information is required no later than MONDAY 6th of FEBRUARY 2023 or you may be disqualified.



Our staff will be arriving at the venue at midday. The poles will be set up and ready for a 1pm rehearsal.
Please do not arrive before 12, no one will be there.
There is lots of street parking which is free. You are welcome to drop your props off in the venue driveway only but please do not leave your car there.

When you arrive, please check in with Tammy and/or Maddie and she can tell you where to go from there.

After your rehearsal you are welcome to leave the venue, please just ensure you are back with enough time to warm up and prepare for your show.


BYO food, snacks and water to the venue. 

Any damages made to the Factory Theatre or Pole Dance Academy/Dance Filthy property with be at your own expense. Please treat the venue and all property with respect.

Please help our staff and environment by reducing waste where possible and taking all your rubbish home with you or putting it into the bins provided. This includes food scraps, sticky backings, eyelashes, tape, coat hangers packaging etc. 

Please note that it is the competitors responsibility to ensure that all props are removed after the show. Failure to remove props will result in a penalty that varies pending on the size and weight of the prop.

Ensure all your belongings are labelled and kept neat during the night. 

Please respect other competitors space. The backstage area is shared and should be kept neat and tidy.


Everyone will be nervous before and during the show, but please ensure you are friendly and respectful to each other, the staff and the volunteers. It'll make it a much better night all round for everyone that way.

If there are any issues, please come and let any of our team know and we will assist.

Regardless of what happens at the show - you are the filthiest Amateurs in Australasia to have made it this far. Enjoy the experience and the ups/downs that come with it.

Wishing you all a fun, filthy and friendly competition. 

Kind regards,

The Dance Filthy Team Xx

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